Just about everything.

But we can start with hitting — they’re next to last in the NL, 15th out of 16th.

And their pitching, unlike the Phillies, isn’t enough to save them.

I’ve seen them three times in the last week (kind of stupid in this weather, I know), and I think their problems are deeper than just the stats indicate.

They have no on field leadership, no one to look to ‘feed off.’ and no excitement. Werth looks bored and beaten at the plate, Zimmerman is not a leader (and I suspect he’s not back to full health), and other than Morse, the infield is weak.

They played well earlier in the season, at least well enough to get to .500.

But at the present rate, they will end up dead last in their division, and their record will be about what it was last year.

Not an encouraging scenario.