Here they are:

The choices of 50 quite varied folks (ages just under two to just over 90) of the books they’ve most enjoyed reading in the past year.

I think I’ll print it out for myself (an ‘old fashion’ way of keeping track of things) and use it in the coming year.

Much thanx to everyone who took the time to send in their favorites.

Update: 12/23/10 – Since I initially posted this list,, several ‘late bloomers’ sent their choices for this year, and so I have integrated their books into the list below (and will continue to do so as others titles arrive).

Further, on the recommendation of one reader, here are a few notes (for those who have much better things to do than comb through the list):

As far as fiction is concerned, readers continued to enjoy (and finish) the Stieg Larsson books and then were looking for a replacement. Lee Child’s books provided that for some readers, as did the Twilight series.  Only four of the approximately 225 books were mentioned five or more times (see below).

For the nonfiction books listed, there was an even wider range of books, subjects, and interests than last year. There seemed to be an increase in books with a religious focus. Alas, only one baseball book was listed.

•Female responders – 57%;  Male 43%

•Returning responders – 75% (so far)

•Mentioned:  Fiction – 63%;  Non-Fiction 37%

•Books most often cited:

oLet the Great World Spin (F)

oCutting for Stone (F)

oThe Help (F)

oMillennium Trilogy (Stieg Larsson (F)

Finally, there were complaints about less time available this year for reading and also, from a certain segment of the responders, complaints about the difficulty in remembering what they had read. Only a few folks mentioned whether or not they were using electronic readers, which turns out to be a good way of keeping track of what was read.