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There is a project I’ve been involved with for the past five or six years that is in need of 1,000 signatures to help get it get to the final stage of their ‘birth.’ Usually, I don’t take signatures as being too significant, but in this case, it may make all the difference.


In San Pedro Columbia, Belize, there is a community group, the Columbia River Cooperative, who has been working to create a high school, the Rainforest Academy. San Pedro is a Kekchi Mayan village in Southern Belize, consisting mainly of subsistence farmers. It has its own primary schools, but young people who want further education are bused to over crowded high schools in town. With international support, Lisa Kile White, daughter of long time friends Mike and Judy White, and her community-based organization have built a school to serve the area and have run summer courses for the local youngsters during the past three summers. Now they are ready to open the school as a full time option for the local kids.

The Problem:

So far, the Ministry of Education has not collaborated with the project. Lisa and her coworkers believe the The Ministry will not continue to ignore this initiative if it knows that the world is watching. They have 200 signatures so far, from as far away as Japan. They’d like to get at least a thousand signatures before sending the petition to the Ministry.

How You Can Help:

I am hoping that through MillersTime, we can get 50 immediate signatures and possibly expand that through your contacts with your friends.

So there are two things I’m asking you to do:

1. Click on this link and sign the petition.

2. Get two of your friends to do so also.

(Of course, if you have means of publicizing this issue further, please do so. But I believe directly appealing to individuals you know will be important. One of the problems the Rainforest Academy has is that people have been ‘liking’ them on Facebook but not clicking through to sign the petition.)

Getting the school approved and underway is a win for everyone, starting with the local community who has worked hard to get it to this point, but mostly for the young people who will now have a high school in their community.

How often do we have the opportunity to help others go to school? Take the very few minutes necessary to sign the petition and to ask two others you know to do so too.


PS – Do let me know if you were successful in signing the petition and/or if you had any difficulties in doing so. You can leave your name in the Comment section of this post or send me an email — Samesty84@gmail.com.