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(Nachus* – Joy Jewish parents feel from seeing their progeny accomplish something)

On Friday in DC, Brandt Tilis (above left) asked Elizabeth (Beth) Miller (above right) to marry him. She quickly agreed. And both families, who were lurking nearby, have been celebrating since 8:30 PM Friday!

When told that Elizabeth and Brandt were going to get married, nephew/grandson Eli asked if that meant they were going to be a mommy and a daddy. I think sister Annie said, “not for several years.”

Beth, Brandt, & Kiddies.

Granddaughter Abby succeeded in getting Elizabeth to swap rings with her within 24 hours, giving up her plastic Hypnotic-Harmonie ring for Elizabeth’s engagement ring.


And it goes without saying, but it’s lovely to say it anyway, that both families are delighted with the choices and with having Brandt join our family and Elizabeth join Brandt’s.

Nachus it is.