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The trade is done.

The end, as it always seems, came swiftly, and, if not a surprise, the reality that Youk’s nine years as a Sox (Red) was over brought some sadness to everyone connected to the the Red Sox Nation.

For those of you who follow the Sox as well as for those of you who might have been surprised by the trade, the ending was bittersweet, to repeat a tired phrase.

Whether it was inevitable, whether it was obvious, necessary, what baseball is all about, what baseball has become, what it will mean for Youk, for the Sox (Red and White), we’ll simply have to wait and see.

But already lots of articles, lots of pictures, lots of videos, lots of tweets and lots of blogs have already claimed to explain what happened and to catalogue Youk’s rise, accomplishments, injuries, and current difficulties.

The one column that told me something I didn’t know or feel, or perhaps explained something better, more clearly than anything I’ve read in the last few days was from long time sports writer Joe Posnanski.

“What percentage of the time do you make an out? It’s simple and it’s naked…And this bluntness is why I love Kevin Youklis as a player, ” writes Posnanski in his blog this morning.

Read the entire column/blog for yourself: Youk.